Porter time!

I brewed a porter this weekend and all I took was one lousy picture!

The mash, in all its aromatic glory.
Ok. So, maybe there was one or two there were one or two other photos taken, but none that really fit into this post.  Not only that, it's been a crazy first part of the week and I really need to get this post out of my head!  

The recipe I put together turned out a nice looking 1.060 OG and the English yeast slurry that I had on hand seems to have done its magic dance over the last couple of days as things have since settled down in the airlock.  It'll get cracked open here in a day or two and since I did about 2 gallons for this batch, I'm contemplating giving 1 gallon a flavor treatment of some sort.  Current choices? Coffee (the front runner) or toasted coconut/vanilla.  Since this is an experimental batch, I'd really like to leave one gallon plain just to be able to verify that the plain version is solid, otherwise I might have done both!

Up next?  Either a Stout or another run at refining my Belgian Quad recipe...though there's also this little itch to try and put together something big and barleywine-ish.  We shall see.