What? Only two pictures??

Sometimes, you go into the weekend with a plan. I sort of had that.  Saturday was a TON of yard work and the family had told me to brew on Father's Day.  Can't argue with the family.

The target was a 2.5 gallon batch of my Cascadian Dark Ale, but upgraded to a liquid yeast, all grain, whole hops, etc. (though I had zero complaints with the initial test run based on extract).  Things seemed to go relatively well.  Had a bit of a challenge not overheating the water, but the addition of some cold water to knock things back down fixed that.  Managed to get the strike temp right so that the grain addition took it down to where I wanted it to be, and it held the temp steady pretty much the whole time.

I think I need to tweak my sparge volume though - I'm ending up with a lot of extra runoff.  The calculation that I've been using puts it at 4.8 gallons, and I always end up with closer to 6 (and that's with only 6 gallons used TOTAL)...which doesn't work real well in a 5 gallon pot.  Yes, I know I need a bigger pot. It's on the list...along with a REALLY long handled spoon.

The boil went well enough. Still love that burner - lowest setting = rolling boil. Can't beat that.  The addition of the irish moss was a bit bubblier than any batch that I've done and reminded me of what the whirlfloc tab did with my pale batch a couple of weeks ago.  I don't recall this happening in any previous batches though.

In the end, I ended up at 1.058 OG, which is just fine given the additional volume that I finished with.  And, while the yeast didn't kick up as quick as some of the others I've used, it was rolling along by the time the morning came around,
Rockin' and rollin' this morning.
Freshly pitched last night.
Seeing as how I will have a nice fresh batch of yeast to play with soon, I think I'll knock out a big ABV stout next.  Something that can sit for a bit...I'm thinking something with a little coffee...bourbon...maybe a little chocolate....hmmmm....