Quick Update

Just in case my feet-writing is illegible: "Broken Helmet Was Here"
Things have been a bit quiet as of lately. The last two weekends have come and gone sans brewing...but I'm not complaining.  Had the chance to hit the coast and have a great time with the fam, and this weekend was a great unplanned weekend where we just did what needed to be done.  Now, that's not to say that things have been at a standstill...

Let there be heat!...and hops!

The Pale Rider IPA managed to ferment down a bit lower than expected.  At last check, it was at 1.008, down from 1.040.  Still not a big beer, but it'll be a nice summer brew.  I split the 2.5 gallons to play with it a bit.  1 gallon received a nice fresh jalapeno pepper and some additional hops. The remaining volume was left plain and should be going into the bottle tonight.  The peppered portion will be bottled mid-week.

The next beer in line is a 2.5 gallon batch of the Questionable Shortcut CDA.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how this recipe steps up. The next beer...hmmm...time to do a BIG beer yet??  I only have one bottle of quad left, one bottle of dubble...that may just be the ticket, which means it's time to make some syrup!