The things that good smells are made of.

Busy day at Broken Helmet!

Hello there. You'll feel much better after a nice warm bath...
  A new recipe was penned and grains were bought to brew it this weekend.  Can I tell you how good my bag smelled after these spent the better part of the day in it.  Should be a good one if all goes well.

Then, after a really long day at the "real" job, the brain was absolutely fried. But, I had the house mostly to myself for a bit (kids were asleep, wife was at a meeting), so I thought I'd try out quick recipe for a pale ale - main inspiration courtesy of's video from a while back.  Well, being me, I couldn't help but tinker with the recipe a bit.  A bit of Crystal 80, Caraffa II, and a bit heavier on the DME than called for and VOILA!  It's a Cascadian Dark!  But is it a CDA?  Nope.  I'm going to have to dedicate this one to my brother and call it a CDL, especially since I'm fermenting with lager yeast somewhere in the mid 50's. Best thing about calling it a CDL?  Label ideas that just won't quit!

Oh, the wait...
I also had to play with the hop bill a bit...and not just because the recipe called for only Simcoe and I don't have any of those.  I ended up going with Centennial at the beginning, Cascade for aroma, and then the last of my homegrown Nugget stash at flameout.  The first two hops were from out of Philomath, OR and smelled amazing! Highly recommend them if you're in need. 

Final addition with the Nuggets just starting to sink in
The OG came in at 1.064 - couldn't ask for more based on what I was going for.  And now, we wait.